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We’re here for you from holidays to haulage! We’ve got you covered with our safe, secure, innovative vehicle accessories and transporting solutions.

Who are we?

Witter Towbars

We are the industry-leading manufacturer and retailer of high-quality towbars across the UK. Experts in towbars, we’re also the leading supplier of other aftermarket products such as bike racks, caravan movers and roof racks.
Operating since 1950, we have over 450 fitting centres nationwide offering engineering excellence and products designed and developed to Regulation 55. All our products come with a Shield of Safety and guarantee.
We design with families and adventurers in mind, working with leading vehicle manufacturers to ensure we’ve got the best fit for the job!

Westfalia Automotive

We are the European market leader and world’s largest manufacturer of towbars and bike carriers. We’ve been operating across Europe, manufacturing high quality products for over 80 years.

We invented the towbar and other leading transport solutions. Our expert engineering, longevity, and innovation ensures you’ll get the highest service and have the safest travels.

We design, manufacture and fit towbars for a living

We’ve been the trusted, leading manufacturer of towbars and other vehicle attachments for the carrying and transporting of accessories, goods, and other vehicles.

We work across the full cycle from concept, design, manufacturing to the retailing of our products. We work closely with vehicle manufacturers to ensure our products work seamlessly in conjunction with leading personal and commercial vehicles.

We provide Towbar fitting services at 450 nationwide centres and offer free UK delivery on all our products.


As our Witter Towbars name suggests, we’re market-leaders in the design and development of towbars. We have over 70 years experience in manufacturing and retailing high-quality towbars for all major vehicle manufacturers including Audi, Volvo, Toyota, Mercedes, Jaguar, Vauxhall, Mini, and BMW.

At Witter Towbars and Westfalia Automotive, we have over 5,000 towbars for sale, all of which are developed and tested to Regulation 55 and are put through several rigorous safety tests for peace of mind and to keep you and your cargo safe whilst out on the road!

Our customer-centric approach, teamed with our expert knowledge and expansive history, means that we have everything you need to make holidays and haulage safe, secure, quick, and easy. No matter your budget or usage needs, our choice of 5,000 towbars ensures there is something for everyone to benefit from, and at a high quality.

Bike racks

As well as roof racks and bars, we have a range of bike racks and cycle carriers for both the UK and Europe from Witter Towbars and Westfalia. Our cycle carriers can hold between two and four bikes, and you can choose from rear, roof or towbar mounted cycle carriers as well as platform cycle racks, plus those that allow you to tow and carry bicycles at the same time.

Even if you have roof bars already, the benefits of our bike racks and cycle carriers mean that you can choose the number of bikes you want to carry, how you’d like to carry them and what works best with the type of bikes you have. We’ll find what fits your needs and is the safest and most secure way of carrying and travelling with your bicycles.

Our bike racks and cycle carriers are perfectly suited to family and friends wanting to travel the great outdoors without the pains of having to find carry space within the vehicle. Our bike racks allow you to transport your bicycles safely and securely to your chosen destination without hassle.
Whether you’re taking your bicycles on a weekend away or travelling to your favourite cycle track, we’ve got everything you need to make your holiday happen hassle-free!

Caravan movers

We sell quality caravan movers. Caravan movers feature a small remote control for the purpose of directing and driving the caravan itself.

Our most popular caravan mover range is the e-go, an exclusive range using Quattro technology. The intelligent modular system of the e-go caravan mover includes a ‘soft start’ feature for precision moving in tight spaces. Our e-go caravan mover range can be used on single, twin and All-Wheel Drive installations and even allows retro-fit upgrades so that a twin system can be adapted to an All-Wheel Drive at any point. The exclusive Quattro technology and modular system gives you ultimate flexibility and peace of mind when out on the road!

The main benefit to using a caravan mover is ease of use when positioning your caravan. The small remote control allows you to effortlessly manoeuvre the caravan directly up to your towbar or pitch, making your life far easier.

Another key benefit to using a caravan mover is the precision moving which allows you to move freely in tight spaces such as your home drive or your caravan pitch itself.

The revolutionary technology and precision of caravan movers allows you to feel safe and in control of your caravan when driving to and from site as well as when pitching up. This empowering product has made caravanning accessible to a greater number of people who now feel confident when manoeuvring their caravan.

Leaders on the market

Our quality products are designed, developed, and tested to Regulation 55 mechanical coupling vehicle safety standards. Our expertise and history in vehicle accessories mean that all of our products are high quality, reliable and value for money.
Whether you’re looking for personal vehicle accessories and transporting solutions to make family holidays easier, safer, and accessible or you’re looking for commercial haulage solutions such as Van Guard roof racks, we have something to suit your individual needs and lifestyle.

Get in touch today

All our products can be purchased via the Witter Towbars website and benefit from free UK delivery. Our website features a vehicle finder tool to ensure you’re choosing the right size and type of product for your specific vehicle. Our products are designed to work in conjunction with all main car manufacturers. You can book towbar fittings via our website and can choose to visit one of the 450 fitting centres or book a mobile fitting where we can come to you!

For more information on Witter Towbars, our services and our extensive range of high-quality towbars, bike racks, roof racks and caravan movers visit our website: www.witter-towbars.co.uk or call us on: 01244 456878.