Touring Caravan Spring Check

After the long winter months, when you have more than likely had your touring caravan on the chocks or in storage, it’s a huge relief when springtime arrives and you can look forward to the first caravanning holiday of the year – we certainly can’t wait!

The race is on to hit the highways, and before you do, it’s a good idea to give your touring caravan a spring check, ensuring it is safe to use – both on the road and on site.

As a road going vehicle, servicing your touring caravan is important and making sure that it’s roadworthy is a legal requirement. An unroadworthy caravan may invalidate both your motor and touring caravan insurance. This could prove costly indeed as you will need to pay for any damages and repairs in the case of an accident yourself. Add to this the fact that having no motor cover is an offence under the road traffic act, there are added potential penalties.

But the roadworthiness of a caravan is something that can be overlooked and can cause serious safety issues, including the trailer becoming unhitched while in transit, tyre blowouts, skids and braking issues.

Plus, as your home away from home, the same keen eye on safety applies to the systems within the living area of your caravan too – from ensuring the door locks work, keeping you and your contents safe from theft, as well as ensuring there are no nasty surprises from the gas, electricity or water systems – all with the potential to ruin the enjoyment of your holiday and giving you the need to call on your touring caravan insurance.

What better time than now for your touring caravan spring check?

Your Touring Caravan Spring Check – Servicing For The Season Ahead

When having your touring caravan serviced, it is a good idea to use a professional workshop. A reputable workshop will ensure that your tyres have the correct pressure, that your lights are working and that the water pipes haven’t frozen and burst. They will also check the safety of your brakes and highlight any potential gas or electrical problems which could be fatal if not thoroughly checked.

Asking your own touring caravan insurance team what they expect from their caravan service, key elements should include:

Road safety checks

  • Check chassis and body work
  • Inspect, adjust and clean brakes and system
  • Check tyre pressure and tread
  • Ensure lights are working
  • Inspect and grease hitch

Living area

  • Test gas system and hose safety and appliances
  • Check electrical system
  • Check and clean ventilation system
  • Door locks and hinges maintenance

Checking your car and trailer combination is also vital to ensure they match the safe legal and physical limits, especially if you have changed cars over the winter months. Important things to consider include the laden weight of the caravan, the car to caravan weight ratio (the caravan should never exceed 85% of the car’s kerb weight), the positioning of your towbar and that the electric connectors match.

Fully Loaded And Ready To Go

Now you’ve completed your touring caravan spring check and you’re nearly on the road, loading up your caravan can also be great fun. Weighing your caravan to make sure you do not exceed the Maximum Technically Permissible Loaded Mass (MTPLM) is essential. Visit your local council run weighbridge to get an accurate reading. Positioning heavier items evenly and carefully is also important, as overloading and uneven loading can cause tyre failure and instability.

For us caravanning is about freedom and fun – and investing in a touring caravan spring check for the safety of your caravan and your family all helps with a smooth journey throughout the year.