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  • 2017 Diesel 2. 4LITRE Automatic 4x4 38MPG 32+MPG 1702KG 100KG 5 Large turning circle. 5 Towing a Lunar Lexon 570 1450kg nose weight 85kg. Tows exceptionaly well, keeps up speed on inclines. 5 Fun it isn't, but sturdy, steady and reliable. Gear change smooth. 5 releasing the hand brake can sometimes get stuck if vehicle is held in "D" Drive mode with parking brake on 5 Yes, comfortable on long journeys, dials and switches handily placed and easy to read. SAT NAV a bit of a faff but accurate 5 Used Franchised dealer Cannot rate Warrington VOLVO highly enough. The whole experience was excellent, they even loaned me a vehicle at no charge between handing back my previous car and taking delivery of he Volvo. https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_2018_01/HARROGATE.JPG.ff2a57e9fe916c2d2f7a0e53644261f7.JPG Yes

smooth gear change, hill start assist, solid construction. Comfortable driving position, plenty of leg room and large luggage capacity. Tows with ease

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We are extremely pleased with ours, exactly the same version, 2017 model with a host of extras. Handles our Bailey U3 Pamplona TA  (upgraded to 1800 kg MTPLM) very capably.  Plenty of “grunt” and, surprisingly, far better fuel consumption than our 2litre Audi A4 and A5s both while  solo and when they were towing our previous U3 Vigo (uprated to 1550kg MTPLM).  Also, achieves Euro6 compliance without the hassle of using AdBlue. Has its little Volvo ”quirks” - E.g. handbrake switch position and wiper “flick” switch control are counterintuitive and take a while to get used to when switching XC60<>A5 but I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another when change time comes - but of course this model has sadly now been superseded.



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Amongst our cars we have the se nav version on a 65 plate. great car,but i do like volvo as a whole.only gripe is a little hard on the suspension over speed humps.not like our older v70 xc that was like on a cloud

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