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Yeti 170 Elegance 4x4

  • 2012 Diesel 2.0 Manual SUV 45 30 1535 80 5 Boot could be bigger ... otherwise all great. 5 Tows our 1400Kg Sterling Cruach Benmore (Eccles Sport 514 dealer special) with ease.<br /><br />Will maintain 60mph in 6th gear all day long, change down required only for the steeper motorway gradients.<br /><br />Stability is excellent. 5 Performs well, increased ride height gives a clear view of the road, compact body is great for parking. 5 No known issues. 4 If the boot were a bit bigger it would be perfect, otherwise no complaints. 5 New Franchised dealer West End Skoda in Uphall, West Lothian. Perfect. Have now bought five cars from them. Great sales team, great service team. Would be loathe to go elsewhere. https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_07_2013/ccs-46823-0-91839200-1372971954.jpg Yes
Powerful, economical, reliable ... rates very highly on the smile factor! Our fifth Skoda ... they just keep getting better.
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