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Superb SE Elegance 190ps DSG 4X4 Estate

  • 2016 Diesel 2.0 Automatic Estate 53 29 1840 90 5 Nothing yet! 5 Superbly, brilliant stability in all conditions! lots of grunt to tow with plenty in reserve. all in all a pleasure to tow with 5 relaxing on a long run, lots of oomph in reserve, the adaptive cruise control, which is really good, even brakes the car if going downhill & exceeding the set speed 5 no major problems so far, just a bulb & a tailgate sensor which was fixed on the first visit to the dealer 5 Emphatically YES! 5 Used Franchised dealer Really pleased with the dealer, I was allowed to test drive the car unaccompanied, the salesman really knew his stuff, difficult to get them to budge on price, but we eventually came to a compromise, but as the car was rare model to find with 1 owner (Skoda Head Office Staff car) & low mileage (when I was looking, only 6 in the UK with the specification I wanted) I knew it wouldn't be easy to get a discount Yes

Brilliant driving solo as well as towing, tows as if the vans not there, well thought out dash layout & lots of useful tech on board

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