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  • 2012 Diesel 2.0 Manual Hatchback 65 32 75 5 Nothing so far 5 Easy towing although I personally feel less stable when going above 70 mph (which I know is illegal but sometimes, without realising it...) 5 Fantastic 5 Look for as low mileage as possible - often used as taxis/executive cars 5 Very easy 5 New Franchised dealer Had previously dealt with them and they remembered us so very impressed. Yes

Plenty of pulling power
Vast inside and boot

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I have the 2012 170hp 4x4 Combi and it tows like a train - fabulous towcar but don't get the mileage stated in the review (42mpg overall since new including towing and about 27mpg when towing).


For the last 12+ months have towed a 2009 Swift Challenger 540 and absolutely no problems (including through Italy, Switzerland and France).


I now have a Coachman VIP 545/4 which is heavier than the Swift - have yet to tow it in earnest other than when collecting from the dealer, but it felt fine with no problems on M25 at max 60mph (other than the usual M25 boy-racers and couldn't care less truck drivers!)


By the way, my handbook specs say the max nose weight is 80Kg.

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I too have a 2012 170 4x4 Elegance. I tow a Luna Conquest with no problems at all. MPG averages 46 mpg and 36 when towing on the motorway dropping to 28 round town.


I previously had a BMW and this is a better car and significantly better value.


Investing in the Skoda tow bar is, in my opinion, worth it. It alters the reversing sensors, ESC (detects weaving) and the lights. It also extends the alarm function to caravan, activating if the electrics are disconnected.


All round an excellent car.

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The Superb does live up to it's name by all accounts, on the few occasions that I've ridden in one it does feel like a genuine alternative to an E-Class. Not driven it though so can't say much about that :)

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Have obtained a Superb Elegance 170 dsg have towed with a Yeti 105hp pd little underpowered, a Octavia 140 pd Elegance Estate tow car, great low down toque, good tow car. I have now have the Superb the cr engine does not have the low down grunt that was a asset when towing with the pd engine, much smoother power delivery, did Dorset and Devon recently with my Baily Senator Vermont and I have to sum it up in one word " SUPERB" . the dsg gear box was great no need to use the paddle gear change the auto sorted every thing out. Back to Spain in the Spring should be a great drive. If you have any SKODA badge snobbery put that to one side and check this car out. The Superb has won the CC tow car of the year AGAIN!!!!!!.

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