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Superb II Combi 170 CR DSG Elegance

  • 2011 Diesel 2.0 Automatic Estate 35 40 75 5 Fuel economy is not great compared to my Octavia 2.0TDI 140BHP remapped to 170BHP with a manual gearbox. It does improve when towing as the lower towing speed limits result in improved economy.<br />DSG box can sometimes get a little confused in town - selecting too high a gear for the speed (eg. 6th at 30MPH) 5 We tow a Conway Crusader folding camper with an MTPLM of 1000kg so stability and weight aren't an issue. The DSG+cruise control combination makes towing effortless, controlling speed both uphill and downhill without the driver having to do anything. We have a removable towball and the system integrates with the onboard parking sensors to avoid warning when reversing when hooked up. 5 Best car I've ever owned. 2nd best was my Skoda Octavia which I had from new for 6 years.<br />It wafts gently but can accelerate like a scalded cat when the situation demands it. Elegance spec. provides leather heated electric seats which are very comfortable and passengers love the limo-like rear legroom. 5 Check for water ingress in the chrome trim around the rear windows - fixed under warranty. 5 Definitely yes 5 New Franchised dealer (Rainworth Skoda). Salesman was not at all pushy and provided a deal that I was very happy with. We liked the experience so much that we bought a second car (Skoda Fabia) the very next week. Yes

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I know they are great cars, but getting more to the gallon when towing than when solo is really impressive.


I tried to get a 4x4 one a few years ago but was quoted a minimum of 18 weeks delivery and couldn`t wait that long, but cracking car nevertheless.

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Would recommend Octavia without fail, mine is 2008 dsg 1. 9diesal model and tow a Quaser 524 with no bother at all even though it is about 89% as against the recommended 85% towing weight the van is never fully loaded and I put the awning in the boot to give more weight so no bother at all, and you have the choice of both auto or direct shift when you need it, towing I get over 36 mpg, solo I can get about 55-60 mpg on long runs.

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My Skoda is a cracker! 30 mpg towing 1550 kg point-to-point at the legal limits, up to 55 mpg door to door solo not at legal limits. Very stable, perhaps because I shelled out for the integrated electrics module.


Only beef - the rear springs are quite soft and the back of the wagon is well down even with less than the max nose load, to the extent that i remove the wheel from the jockey wheel's forks for towing.

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Bought our Superb 170 4x4 DSG Estate in December and we are having problems with snaking and pitching. Read another reviewer who tows the same van as us, a Coachman Pastiche 460/2, with the same car (minus 4x4) and had no problems at all. The question is what tyre pressures should be used, currently they are on standard, but I have read a few forums where the maximum pressures were used and the outfit was stable. Previously towed the van with a Freelander 2 with no problems. Next trip it will be on max pressures, fingers crossed, as not sure what else to do.

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