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Superb Estate

Nick NNN
  • 2011 Diesel 2 Manual Estate 62 39 1577 80 5 I'm no car lover they are just a necessary evil which you have to have but eats money, but this car I do really like there is nothing bad about it.... yet! 5 I never believed this type of hype when I read it but it is easy to forget the van is there. Of course you know it is and it slows performance slightly but generally a joy to tow. 5 Fast. sleek and very practical 5 If you want one second hand to save even more money there aren't that many available and you may have to travel to pick a low mileage one up at a good price. 5 Looks great and is practical too I'm sure there is some sexist joke in there waiting to come out. 4 Used Franchised dealer Typical sales rep all white teeth and a grand desire to flog you all sorts of extras. But that is what they do, rode out all the blarney and got a great deal though as said above had to travel to secure it. Yes

Quite simply the best tow car I've ever owned, Audi parts, VW build and Skoda prices. Luxurious and practical with space inside to die for, I could go on.

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