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Superb Estate, Elegance

  • 2013 Diesel 2.0 Manual Estate 54 38 1465 80 5 Not the car's fault, but have a detachable Winterhoff towball with 13 pin electrics. The socket swivels out from under the car, unless you lye down it is nigh on impossible to locate the 13pin plug. 4 Pulled well from slippery grass. Pulled well in 4th up gradient. Accelerates well in 5th. 5 Driving is easy in this vehicle. The touch screen sat. nav. and radio are distracting 5 Try not to get the light tan leather upholstery, especially with young children! 5 Exceptional, I am a salesman, the space with the seats down is huge 1700litres. Bigger than my last car A Volvo V70 4 New Franchised dealer This is for the next 2 years a company car, bought outright. It was my choice of vehicle, as in 2 years I will purchase it from the company as my retirement present Yes

Flexible engine, smooth gears, very comfortable to drive, enormous space for rear passangers

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We towed with our Superb Elegance for the first time last week and hardly knew the van was on the back, brilliant towcar and showing 40 mpg ( probably isn't exact but anywhere near that is pretty good! Van was really loaded up as we were taking out of a store and stay site and had accumulated way too much stuff, as you do, and it was amazing. As the car is new we hadn't worked out all the bells and whistles and a tyre warning light came on as we were towing, stopped and checked the handbook and it was telling us we needed more pressure in back tyres to cope with the extra weight! We needed 48 psi which seemed a huge difference from we'd normally put in but did as we were told and the light went out! Really loving the car and with 60 mpg on a run it makes for a very economical car . ...and £30 road tax for the year! Nice :) Ours is the saloon and not estate :)

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