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Octavia VRS

  • 2010 Petrol 2.0 Litre Manual Hatchback 35 23 1490 75 5 As the car is a sporting version, it is quite low to the ground, but you know that when you buy it! I really find it hard to criticise anything about this car except the timing chain issue I had (see reliability comments). 5 This car tows really well, but you do pay the price in mpg. Still 23-24mpg from a 200bhp car isn't that bad in my opinion, and I knew this when choosing the petrol version over the diesel engine. The engine is a dream, asking to be put into fifth gear at just over 30mph and has masses of low down torque. 5 A great "drivers" car with great handling, a real pleasure to drive! So much torque low down in the rev range, makes it a willing performer. However the 0-60 time of seven seconds is deceptive, as the car does not feel that quick - its a steady pull rather than a "seat of the pants" hold on and hope acceleration. 3 I had a timing chain issue as mine stretched a little at 60k miles and nearly blew the whole engine. Skoda contributed £350 to the £1,800 cost of repair, which is fair considering it was not serviced by Skoda. I think this issue may have been resolved in newer models, but its worth being aware of. 5 This car is incredibly easy to live with - in fact if it was not for the timing chain issue I had I'd say it was more a case of it being difficult to live without! 5 Used Independent showroom This car was bought from "The Car People" and whilst these car supermarket type affairs are in Yorkshire (we live in Suffolk) I must say the whole buying experience was painless. I have bought maybe 40 cars in my life, and buying from them was less time consuming and good value. Yes

This car has huge boot space, a whisper quiet engine and is extremely comfortable for a long journey. The boot has a low sill which helps with loading. I've thoroughly enjoyed owning my VRS

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Had three Octavia vRS models . ... all diesels


A 2007 Race Blue Estate

A 2009 Corrida Red Hatch

A 2010 Candy White Hatch


Wonderful cars . ... economical, great fun, towed well . ... completed 30000 miles in each of them (5000ish towing) without any issues.


Still miss them! A good pal had a Corrida Red hatch and it still looks great and drives well. He did tow with it too but now uses his wifes Seat Alhambra as they went for a larger van.

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