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Octavia Scout

Nielsen Sussex
  • 2015 Diesel 2.0 Manual Estate 48 31 5 Non that I can think of at the moment but will update if any arise! 4 You know the caravan is there on the upper weight limits (like we are) but drive at a sensible speed and its a comfortable car to to with. I'm sure with a smaller van it will tow like a dream 5 Ticks all the boxes for a family of 4 with a dog, has all the toys and gadget, 4x4 for stability, estate for practicality what more do you want? 5 None but in hindsight I would of gone for the 180 bhp with auto but I was feeling a bit tight at the time! 5 Wife loves it, easy to keep clean, large boot for dog, prams, kid stuff etc 4 New Franchised dealer Found any VW group dealer (had 5 cars so far) to be great to deal with however they were a little cloudy on the delivery time https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_08_2015/ccs-71886-0-81828400-1440844001.jpg Yes

Fully loaded - 4X4, leather, sat nav, climate, heated seats, cruise, touch screen, cabin space is very good, massive boot, chunkier looks, comfortable, etc etc

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Only limitation on most Octavias - don't know about the Scout specifically - is the low nose weight. We had a Mk1 TDi130 SE hatch and that was 65Kg!


Odd given that its basically a slightly stretched Golf chassis which will handle 80Kg at the minimum.

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