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Grand Scenic 7 Seater

  • 2007 Diesel 1.5 Manual MPV 5 Nothing 4 Very good 4 A lovely drive 4 Headlight bulbs are dealer only to be changed, side lights takes seconds, but it's a wheel off job for main beam bulbs. 5 Excellent with 3 separate seats in rear on their own runners so can be staggered to stop kids arguing, plus two more in boot if needed, massive boot when two rear (6 & 7) seats dropped in floor, plus all come out in a few minutes making it like a van in the back. 4 Used Independent showroom Arthur Daly Yes
Tows very easily including up hills and tackled the A30 with ease. Electric auto-off handbrake is very handy for setting off. Fuel economy is excellent. Towed 320 miles with mix of A roads and motorways on 3/4 of a tank of diesel, never really went over 2000rpm including on hills with having 6 gears
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