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508SW GT

  • 2013 Diesel 2.2L Automatic Estate 45 29 1735 75 5 A couple of minor software glitches where auto settings for seat, mirrors and HUD occasionally fail and I need to press the button to re-set. Similar on Bluetooth connection. I will raise at first service. 5 Tows very well. Bags of power for overtaking, hill climbing etc. No excuse to delay following traffic except for the lower speed limits for towing vehicles. Many independent towbars exclude the GT model(twin exhaust) but the Peugeot one fits fine except I would prefer the ball to be a couple of inches higher to eleiminate the slight downward angle with my 2010 Sterling Eccles Topaz Caravan. A friend with a different 508 model and different van feels the same. 5 Firm positive ride with more than adequate power. All the goodies you could hope for and more. Good feel through the steering and powerful brakes. Proximity key and push button start with Sat Nav, Bluetooth etc. Head Up Display (HUD) shows speed, cruise control/speed limiter settings and next sat nav direction, saving you glancing down. Parking sensors all round. I really like the fact the mirrors fold in when you lock the car. This means anytime you look at the car you know whether it is locked or not. 5 Only had it for a couple of months but so far so good.<br /><br />One silly thing is that when you wash it you need to leave the proximity key in the house. If it is in your pocket the water from the hose causes the touch sensitive door locks to constantly lock and unlock. 5 Very.<br />Good space in back. Much better than my previous 407SW.<br />Switchgear fine.<br />Motorised tailgate and rear parking sensors automatically turn off when caravan electrics plugged in. 4 New Franchised dealer Initial problems with a rogue salesman who no longer works for them. Those difficulties overcome and I finished up with a very good deal on a super car. Yes
Powerful(204bhp and 450Nm torque) and Porsche Tiptronic gearbox giving auto and manual options, latter with paddles on steering column.
Very stable towing.
Very high specification.
Fuel consumption 40/50mpg depending whether local or motorway cruising. When towing just under 30mpg.
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