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  • 2011 Diesel 2000 Manual Estate 55 27 1681 75 3 high gear ratio in manual. Rear seats are tight with 2 adults and child 4 having towed the car from Scotland to Southampton with the car fully packed (circa 2000kg) the rear suspension drops quite easily so add a caravan at only 75kg nose weight drops cars even more. Car itself tows ok my 140bhp 2.0 struggles a bit on hills. 4 generally a decent car and a deceptively good boot. You are able to fit more stuff in than you think. 3 nothing of interest 4 Car is a capable day to day vehicle and with the odd towing of a 1616kg caravan so far seems to cope ok 3 Used Franchised dealer the usual Yes
Nice car to drive on motorways, comfortable, 1681 kerb weight but 1790 tow limit. spec is decent too
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