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5008 Allure

  • 2013 Diesel 2.0 Manual MPV 50 32 1750 5 Unbelievably poor location for bottle/cup holder. It's under the arm rest so when put the rests down you cannot access it - plus it's slightly behind you so have to twist awkwardly. The drivers position might feel slightly cramped and some dashboard controls are awkward to reach but these are minor gripes. <br />No spare tyre. Just a rubbish repair kit. 5 It's easy to forget that you're actually towing! Mind you our current caravan is only about a 75% match but we purchased this car as we're looking to change our caravan to a heavier 6 berth in the near future. <br />The tow bar is a Peugeot own fitted one which is permanent which is a shame as a prefer a detachable one. The electrics are accessible but you'll need to get on all fours to do so! 5 A dream. Relatively easy to park for a big car but on the open road and motorway it is pure joy. Loads of power,and comfortable for passengers too. Adults can even fit in the rear most seats but probably wouldn't want to for long journeys. <br />The speed limiter is useful for those sections of "average speed check" on our motorway network. <br />Loads of room and a very flexible use of space with the rear seats all folding into the floor for a massive van style loading area. The front passenger seat folds flat too. 5 We've had ours for just over 15months now without any problems whatsoever.<br />I was concerned about service costs but at just over £200 from a main dealer I was impressed with that! 5 Yes. One or two slight issues already mentioned though. 4 Used Franchised dealer Very good and not pushy. Good after sales care too. <br />Would rate as 5 but the dealer was over an hour away but locating the right spec 5008 for towing was important and 2 litre diesel variants of the 5008 are not common but well worth sourcing! Yes
Very versatile and practical mpv with 7 seats. Easy and pleasurable to drive with lots of umph! Lots of kit including panoramic glass roof, speed limiter, cruise control, bluetooth connectivity, heads up display measuring distance to the car in front, rear parking sensors, vents for rear passengers, 3x 12v sockets etc.
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