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  • 2005 Diesel 2 Manual Estate 42 28 1440 60 5 The cooling system is marginal on hot days, turn the air-con off if you are going up a long incline!. 4 It is as good as anyone could reasonably expect. Driven sensibly no-one should have any problems 5 Comfortable, adequate rather than ample performance, excellent fuel economy. 5 Our particular car has covered nearly 200k miles in 10 years used as a cab with very few problems, 2 clutches, battery starter motor, alternator all replaced, an engine mounting and a metal coolant tube leaking the only major issues.<br />Wheel bearings, ball joints, tyres and brakes I consider normal wear, and thorough servicing on schedule has no doubt helped. 5 Yes, as much as a mid range medium size car can be. 5 New Franchised dealer Good post purchase service. Yes
Good low range torque from the engine and well spaced gear ratios.
The suspension isn't unduly upset by the caravan nose weight.
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