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3008 110 FAP 6 speed

  • 2011 Diesel 1.6 Manual Hatchback 50 30 1504 70 4 Very poor visibility to sides due to wide door pillars. I assume these were required for strength due to the glass roof. I would have rather had narrower pillars and no glass roof! 4 Very well, considering it is only 1600 cc. My previous 2litre Peugeot 306 was less powerful! No bother hitching and my extending mirrors fitted fine. 4 Very comfortable and easy to drive. Gear shift smooth and cruise control good. Automatic electric handbrake takes some getting use to. 5 No problems yet but note the poor visibility to the sides due to wide door pillars. 4 I like it, but it is a little on the tall side so washing the roof is a bit of a stretch. I find the controls easy but there are lots of switches to get used to. The "Head up Display" of speed and distance to the car in front is first rate 4 Used Franchised dealer Easy going and not pushy. I wondered if the 1600cc would be powerfull enough and they were happy to offer the 2 litre (rather dearer as the one I bought was an ex demo just 6 months old) if I wanted it Yes
Comfort, handling and stability with good economy solo if driven sensibly. The "head up display" of speed and distance to the car in front is first rate
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We took delivery of the 1. 6 eHDI 115 EGC Semi Automatic Allure in October last year, so we're just about to get a towbar with dedicated 13-pin euro electrics fitted and then we'll be ready to see the difference from our previous 10 plate Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 1. 6 Diesel EGS.


May I ask, did you already have a towbar fitted when you bought the ex-demo, if not. .. could I be cheeky and ask what kind you went for and what price you paid please?




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