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  • 2002 Petrol 1.6 Manual Coupe 35 4 Expensive to run; £125 to £175 for the run-flats; £700-900 known issues regarding steering column and rack.<br /><br />Combination of sports suspension, run-flats and 19" alloys makes for VERY firm ride (though improves at speed, when driving like The Italian Job). 1 Teardrops and small-trailers OK, but very light and the early gearboxes (French rather than German) are not durable. 5 On a B-road, few things are as fun to drive. Planted handling with telepathic controls! Not the quickest in a straight line (unless JCW edition) but that's not the point... 3 Built like a BMW, so very solid and dependable with a few significant exceptions:<br /><br />Clutch/gearbox in early models (pre 2004) is quite weak, feel the biting point and clutch slippage for indication.<br /><br />Steering rack/column has known fault, test the hydraulic fluid levels and smoothness of the wheel - if notchy walk away.<br /><br />Run flats are a pain, check pressures and tread depth as expensive to replace. Smaller alloys preferable for ride quality and price.<br /><br />Can drink oil, check regularly. 3 Either a; coupe with a tiny boot; or a 2 seater with a cavernous boot...<br /><br />I think the latter. 4 Used Independent showroom Very good, not too pushy and cleaned it up very well. Didn't manage to fix all issues stated though so got a discount. https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_06_2013/ccs-37463-0-53206800-1372427564.jpg,monthly_06_2013/ccs-37463-0-79869400-1372427570.jpg Yes
Modern interpretation of a classic. Very easy to chuck around and more fun to drive than most sports cars. Sounds pretty good too and has a very 'solid' feeling.

Extensive list of possible options, this one includes air-con, heated seats (adjustable lumbar very welcome), CD-changer, sports suspension and a few other bits and bobs.

Always puts a smile on your face!
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