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  • 2008 Hybrid 3.3 Automatic SUV 29 23 2115 80 4 Small starter battery - can be flat after a relatively short time if door is left ajar with the interior light on.<br />Steering is very torque sensitive. Full acceleration from standstill under heavy load causes the steering to pull to one side. 4 Can't fault its towing ability even with a relatively heavy (1800kg) caravan 4 A very relaxed car. A joy to drive in a refined and restrained manner. 5 fully documented service history 3 Yes, just needs getting to used to an enormous fluctuation of fuel economy depending on conditions. Uncanny low level of noise at low speeds due to the electric motors means that you have to watch out for pedestrians that don't hear it coming. 5 New Franchised dealer Lexus customers are obviously given preferential treatment at this Lexus/Toyota dealer, so no reason to complain. Yes

Comfort, quietness, reliability, very refined, high level of equipment as standard, phenomenal fuel consumption of up to 50mpg possible in heavy stop/start city driving although this advantage soon crumbles as more performance is used.


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