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captain kipper
  • 2009 Petrol 2.5 Automatic Saloon 30 23 5 On long climbs the gear box can't quite make its mind up what gear to use. 5 Very good for a petrol. 5 Very quiet comfortable. 5 Currently waiting for a recall on the passenger side airbag.<br />when the air bag deploys it can cause injury. 5 Yes 5 Used Independent showroom Good https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/uploads/ Yes
Very stable towcar, a dream to drive with the Auto box and cruise control. Getting 22-24mpg while cruising at about 55 to 60mph towing. Hardly notice wagons passing me. MPG solo is approx 30 but can get in low 40's on a run with cruise control.
On the flat it quite happily cruises at 55 in sixth gear towing my Bailey Ranger 460/2.
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