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Hyundai Ix20

J&J Smith
  • 1999 Diesel 1.6 Manual MPV 59 34.5 1380 75 4 Doors lock automatically and can't be opened without physically unlocking them, or removing the ignition key. 4 Have towed with it for 6114 miles without a problem using 2 caravans, Sprite Finesse (laden weight 1047kg) and Elddis Xplore 402 (laden weight 1055kg). Acceleration could be better but keeps up with traffic ok once on the move and also, due to the gearing, pulls up inclines well. Shape is good as well for towing with a wheel at every corner meaning there is very little overhang. 4 Good, still lacks a lot of acceleration but drives well if a little unexciting. But as a general runabout it is excellent with loads of space for passengers and luggage. 5 No problems whatsoever. 5 The best car I have owned in 50 years of ownership. But as you will realise, I am now of an age when practically and convenience is my first priority. Basically equipped but has all needed equipment - rear sensors and phone connection. No sat nav, but prefer my own for caravanning. Easy to hitch to caravan as view is excellent with hatch door up. 5 New Franchised dealer Excellent. Went to buy a Kia Venga (which is mechanically identical) and couldn't get any sense out of the dealers, so went across the road to the Hyundai dealer and they were first rate. Bought a maintenance plan and they have been very good throughout. Yes

Economy. Space and convenience of seating. Rear seats fold flat giving a level luggage area with no boot lip. Seating hight is also quite high giving good vision.
Reliability - not a fault in 5years!

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I have the Venga 1.6 petrol auto so basically the same car but different engine and transmission. Don't tow with it as I have  motorhome. It is a brilliant design of car especially for anyone with knee/hip/back problems. Unfortunately the range is now discontinued, not sure about the Hyundai version. Manufacturers all seem to be moving towards small SUV's rather than MPV's



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