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Ranger Wildtac 3. 2L Manual

  • 2017 Diesel 3200 Manual Pickup 28 24 about 2. 5T 100kg 4 Thirsty compared to a few of its rivals. 5 Flawlessly. It will pull all our multi axle company plant trailers at any speed you care to drive at. With caravan on your limited only by common sense. I am having shocks added to the caravan to see if it helps me not feel the bumps coming back through the towbar on rough roads. 4 About as good as you can get for a Pickup. Only -ve is when the engine is cold its VERY noisy, once it warms up its super smooth and has a nice growl when you press the loud peddle. 4 DO NOT wait on the Ad Blue light to fill up. The float seems to stick and then you dont know where it is. Keep her topped up with ad-blue ever 3k or so. 5 I have a canopy as I carry so much kit with work. This proves to be very useful when caravaning as I just swap all work kit for caravan pruck ( I mean essentials of course) 3 New Franchised dealer Being a manual it was s special build that took near a year to arrive.........IF boss had allowed me to have an auto it would have been three months. Yes

Kit, ride, reversing camera, heated seats, comfort, storage space. Towing ability and stability.

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