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Grand Voyager Limited

  • 2001 LPG 3.3 Automatic MPV 19 15 4 15yo and some things are starting to be a bit worse for wear. Head lining is sagging in parts. Auto sliding door can be a bit tempramental. 2 For such a big car, and engine, I thought it would be better with the caravan. 4 speed auto box really lets it down. Can drop down to 1st on long hills, which can then shut off the LPG, as the revs shoot up. Really struggles to stay in 4th on level roads.<br />Took a trailer to France last year, and fully loaded car with 5 up, and hardly noticed it. 4 Great car. Really conmfortable. 19mpg on LPG at 50p.<br />Commuting is about 150 miles = £25. Motorway cruise control at 70mph is 240+ miles = £25 (Fully loaded) 4 No major problems. CAT melted after 12 yrs of petrol, then the higher temps of LPG. Head lining 4 Big un bulky, but quite nimble. SWMBO loves it, but won't drive it. <br />Will recommend the car as a solo, or with trailer. Not necessarily with a large caravan. 5 Used Privately Driving instructor, kept it fully serviced Yes
Generally a good car. LPG conversion paid for itself in less than 6 months. Good amounto of gadgets, inc after market stuff previous owner installed (DVD etc.) Electric everything.
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