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300C Touring

  • 2008 Diesel 2.9 Automatic Estate 26 22 1944 100 4 Fuel consumption a bit on the high side. 5 Very stable with 1565kg single axle caravan. Pulls well and will accelerate when needed. 5 Silky smooth ride. Great Mercedes running gear, inc engine and gearbox. Very comfortable and well equipped. Built in sat nav is poor. 4 Only issue has been a track rod on the near side - uses Mercedes floor pan and many parts and it's a weak point here too. Due to the low nature of the roof line it may be difficult to get some large items in the back, although we haven't suffered with this. It's a very big car and can't be lost in the supermarket car park! Alloy wheels prone to corrosion. Chrysler replaced under warrantee, but new owner Fiat are less helpful. 4 No regrets buying this car. Have had six Mercedes and a BMW over last 18 years. This is inexpensive to buy and has been reliable. 5 Used Franchised dealer Bought from JCT600. Car was ex-Chrysler management car and was under 1 year old. Dealer has been good for sale process and subsequent servicing. https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_08_2013/ccs-31231-0-97583800-1375352691.jpg Yes
Smooth Ride. Engine and gearbox. Carrying capacity. Towing ability.
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I use a 2010 diesel Chrysler 300c estate for towing. The average fuel consumption is about 34 mpg dropping to about 25 mpg when towing. I have used it for towing 5 times this year and found it to be a superb car. I paid about £3500 less for this car than an Xtrail of the same year and similar mileage mainly to get rear wheel drive and get most of the advantages of a 4X4. For towing the caravan up a particularly steep gravelly hill from the farm where it is stored I load the back with about 50 house bricks; no problem with traction whatsoever. I remove the bricks afterwards for normal towing. A great car if a little on the large side.

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