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Captiva LTZ Auto "All Wheel Drive"

  • 2012 Diesel 2.2 Automatic 4x4 38 29 1903 5 Fuel economy is not its greatest asset but the high spec of the LTZ makes it a value for money purchase. Could do with a spare wheel opposed to the puncture repair gunk which was supplied from new. Sat Nav and electrics a little cheap, could have chosen higher spec as it is a GM product. 5 The Captiva easily pulls my caravan effortlessly and holds everything rock solid. Hill decent assist at the touch of a button and the automatic gearbox is really good when towing a caravan, 10/10. 5 I do 20,000 miles per year, mostly solo (kind of breaks with tradition of owning an SUV), and it is a comfortable ride. 5 Fitted with a DPF which (so I am told) burns fuel when in cleaning mode. Noisy engine fan clicks in when using the SUV with non motorway driving. 5 5 4 New Franchised dealer Salesman could have been better especially with his product knowledge. When I went to "say hello" a month later, he had left (or was he pushed?) :-) https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_06_2013/ccs-59917-0-70200000-1372366710.jpg Yes

Really good SUV where the automatic AWD clicks in when needed, without the driver even aware of the switchover.

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