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318d Sport

  • 2012 Diesel 2.0 Manual Saloon 55 40 1495 75 5 Price of the run flat tyres.<br />Towing up hill in 6th Gear on a motorway. 3 Put the car into sport mode as the suspension stiffens and makes it a lot better to tow. <br />You have to drop to 5th when on motorway inclines.<br />Pulls away alot easier than you expect.<br /> 5 Excellent car to drive. Comfortable stable and economical. MPG is excellent. Steady 65mph on motorways you can return 60+ Mpg with ease. 5 The 318d is the same car as the 320d just a slightly less BHP output. Not worth getting a 320d for the extra cost. 4 Very. Done 15k in the car and apart from a window wiper I broke it never needed to be back to the garage. <br />Back seats go down so longer items can be put in. 4 Used Franchised dealer Dealership were great, Very helpful. Customer service has been excellent. https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_03_2014/ccs-66446-0-73478600-1395405333.jpg Yes
Comfort and Solo Driving, Technology within the car is worth every penny.
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