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2014 Swift Chamonix - First Winterisation - Tips/tricks?

Pebble Bay

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Hi all, this is our 1st year in a static. We plan to visit most weekends from Nov 1st to Feb 28th and also planned on keeping the temperature around 10 degrees via the thermostat. We'll regulate each room using the radiator thermostats.


My questions are:

1/ do we 'still' have to 'winterise'?

2/ By keeping an ambient temp of about 10 degrees (give or take) should we still drain the washing machine & dishwasher?

3/ what about the usual routine of draining the toilets, etc?


Sorry if these are dumb questions and yes I will read the manual, but it's always handy to ask those in the know from previous experience.




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On this forum we are mostly tourers but there are some static owners. And we have a static section.


However, as tourers, we always winterise by removing all traces of water ready for the big freeze!


Why not put your questions in the static section where our renowned member Honk will give advice.


http://www. caravantalk. co. uk/community/forum/133-static-caravan-forum/


Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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Hi Pebble and :welcome:


The first thing you need to do is check your insurance policy.


And I mean read the SMALL print ;)


Most if not all policies will state that if you are not in the van during Oct/Nov to Feb/Mar then you will need to turn off the water at the mains and open all taps. As you will only be there at weekends it means you need to turn off the water each and every trip.


Now for the fun part!


Winterising and closing down are almost the same thing. Some folk can't get on their parks during winter due to it being closed, some folk don't want to be at their van in winter due to it being cold.


Close down involves a full drain down of the water system. If you have central heating this needs additional protection too. You also put anti freeze into the toilet bowl, sinks, showers and any other 'U' bends that hold water.


Winterising is similar but mainly for all year sites where you can get access to and use the van. Obviously you will still need water so can't drain down but it will need to be protected from the freeze and still turned off during the times when you're absent.


So, check your policy. Ring them if you are unsure as they will not cover you if things go wrong and you have not followed the rules.


As for the washing machine etc, they hold water so will need to be fully drained too.


I intend to use mine at weekends till mid Jan and will be turning the water off every weekend. At the close down it will get a full drain down till we get back 1st March.


Hope this helps.



Finding things funny since 1968 :blink:

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Honk, thanks so much for taking time to answer.


So my keeping the van 'ticking over' at 10 degrees or so isn't sufficient?


(A bit of additional info - we only live a mile from the location of the van and will be there almost every weekend if only to check all is well; of course I appreciate that doesn't change the outside weather temp.


I don't relish the idea of draining down every weekend although I could easily do it the once for the dishwasher and washing machine. But the toilets/shower/sink would be a nuisance.


I'm almost certain the central heating is a 'closed' system and alrady has the anti-freeze added but I'll double check.


Looks like I need to read the manual thoroughly as the specifics are a mystery to me - at least for this first time.


Thanks again



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Hi Pebble, the central heating should be fine but have a think of the cost of gas for the van use you get from it.


Another option is to get an oiled filled radiator and a timer?


If you are going to be using the van then just turning off the mains and leaving the taps open should be OK, REMEMBER to take out the plug though!!



Finding things funny since 1968 :blink:

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Hello . glad you joined the static world, it's a real relaxed lifestyle although is more costly than owning a tourer . can I be so brave as to ask what sort of caravan do you manage to get a dishwasher & a washing machine in ( so jealous :-) ) also why would you invest on a holiday home you could walk to from your house ?? I am intrigued , Dave

2012 Static Willerby Severn, Sitting in Hidden Valley Welshpool . B)

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Hi slimseydy


We have a Swift Chamonix. this time last year we visited the Beaulieu show and checked evey static on show. This was the most expensive model short of a lodge and currently Swift's only model (I think) that will house a washing machine and dishwasher.


Initially, the washing machine caused a lot of vibration that needed attention from Swift - but all is ok now although in reality there is still a some vibration during the spin-cycle, but it is manageable and not a problem. Five months on, there are no issues around fixtures and fittings having shifted from the usage. The dishwasher is a very nice option.


My house is around a mile away and currently being rented by my son and his girlfriend. In a nutshell, where we are - Lancing Beach Park - is a 'spot' that suited us to a 'T'. We are right on the front in a small park with no frills, a great owner/operator with reasonable rent costs and decent neighbours. I know it sounds odd but it works for us.


Roll on next Spring :-)

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