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Hello There!


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Just thought I'd say hi as I am new to both this board and owning a caravan.


As a child I spent many wonderful holidays in my Gran and Papa's van, a Royale caravan from the early 80's, and promised that when I had kids, I would get them involved too.


That time has come as now, with a seven year old girl and a four year old boy, my wife and I have taken the plunge and bought a 1999 Bailey Pageant Moselle. It seems to be a good decent van with a cracking open layout inside.


My kids are super excited about all of this and are desperate to get away. We plan to take it away for the September weekend for the first time.


Anyway I joined the board as I heard from a friend who has caravanned for years that this board is full of invaluable advice on owning a caravan. I'm sure I'll have many questions as it is all new to me.


Looking forward to using the board.







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Scott, Welcome to the forum.


Your posting took me back to when my kids were little and we went camping and caravanning,

such great memories for both us and our kids.


Your friend is correct that this site is full of knowledgeable folk and a valuable

reference for all matters caravanning.



Dave & Annette .

07 Kia Sorento 2. 5 CRDi XE --- 2012 Lunar Clubman CK

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Hi welcome to the forum, you will get all the help you need here and if when you are away and have a problem stand outside your van scratch your head and look confused and the world of caravanning will come to your aid :)

now retired and loving it

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Cannot fail to have a great time with kids that age. Enjoy your first trip and have a pen and paper ready to make notes what to take or get for next time. Ps we have all done it.

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Welcome :)

Jeep Grand Cherokee S Limited

2014 Crusader Storm :D

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