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Result Of The Week


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Talking to my boss today & he told me about his bit good fortune at his local VW dealers.

His Passat was due an MOT so he phoned the VW dealers & booked it in, but they could only do it the day his current one ran out. Not a problem as he was confident it would pass.

So on the morning he dropped it off, gave them the keys & said he'd be back about 5.

When he went to pick it up he asked had it passed. Passed what came the reply. MOT.

No we haven't done an MOT, it's had its overdue major service & that's the best part of £600 please.

My boss then explained that it was just booked in for its MOT & that he didn't have £600 on him, only the £45 for the MOT. The service manager then checked his bookings & saw that it was indeed just booked in for the MOT.

Only trouble was the MOT tester had now gone for the day & my boss now had no at of getting home, so the service manager lent him his golf for the evening. When he turned up next morning his car had been MOT'd & valeted & they tore up the £600 bill for the service & the cost of the MOT


Right result. Major service MOT & a full valet for free. My boss was over the moon as he is close to a pound :D

I refer you to the Rt Hon Member for the 19th Century.....................pictured just to the left of your screen..................


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Makes a change to hear something like that, brilliant! (And you have just reminded me that my

MOT is due) :unsure:

2011 Land Rover Freelander 2, Lago grey 2013 Freelander Dynamic Black, followed by a 2013 Elddis 574 Magnum GT white

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Damn it, just booked my Passat in for a major service on the 30th! Should have booked an MOT instead!

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