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Ferguson Ariva 102 Mini Hd Digital Satellite Receiver


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Hi Folks

Has anyone got or used one of the above satellite receivers?

Our tele is on a bracket up in the TV cabinet so we can spin it 180 degs between the bedroom and the front dinette. Problem I have though is the cabinet is a minefield of cables and boxes so I'm trying to tidy it all up and the above receiver looks a brilliant idea. It can stick on the back of the tele so all I will have coming off the back is the power leads for tv and the box and the coax from the dish.

Question is, is the receiver any good? It certainly sounds good in the info I have read but cannot find any reviews.

If you have used any other brand of mini HD receivers I would also be very interested.

Many thanks and regards



2004 Kia Sorento 2. 5 tdi tugging a 2002 Elddis Sunseeker with Molly the Collie!

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