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A Few Problems In Our Ace


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We have had our Ace Twinstar Supreme for 3 years, its a 2004 model and is a wonderful van. We used it at Easter and everything was fine, but when we used it 2 weeks ago we had a few problems.

Now we are home, and the weather is fine, we want to make these couple of repairs but we don't have the know-how.

Problem 1 is that the toilet doesn't flush when we press the button.

Problem 2 is the heating blower is blowing cold.

Problem 3 the power mover has only worked once or twice, but never when we need to use it.


The fuses look fine, but we really have no idea about caravan repairs. We would appreciate any advice or help.

Thanks in advance

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The flush has a fuse that is often hidden away at the back behind the lower loo cassette. You may see it when you pull the cassette out.

Mover - can we assume you know about the mover isolator red switch? Have you put new healthy batteries in the remote?


Then as CMS says, get it serviced. Best of luck and tell us how you get on with each problem.


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