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Elddis Arundel 2006 6 Berth


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Hi all,


First post here.


We are relatively new to caravanning and for the last two years have owned a little Tamaris Fleurette. We are now needing more space as family is growing and really like an Elddis Arundel we have seen. I have searched for info (reviews) on this model but there is nothing out there, although it looks as if the Avante 556 is virtually the same caravan (can anyone confirm this?).


There is little regarding the Avante 556 caravan apart from some door seal issues and potential issue with rot in the floor at the rear - mainly due to water tracking down the awning rail trim where it is stapled to the underside) but I was hoping for a bit of a heads up on what to look for when I go over the caravan more thoroughly.


Looking at general posts in the Elddis section, there have been issues raised with cracks around windows and bowing sides (although not on this model).


I have been around it with a damp meter and all seems OK (0-17%) which I think is OK.


Could anyone please advise as I obviously want to go into this with my eyes wide open and in a position to make a fully informed decision.



Many thanks


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