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Pet Insurance

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My current pet insurer Mark & Spencer has increased the cost of cover for my five year old dog, our maximum foreign trip length at the moment is five weeks. I have found alternate policies but they have a max of 30 days.


Any thoughts please



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Caravan Club pet insurance, unlimited trips per year max 60 days each, may go longer if you ask. ..

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Just got my renewal from Caravan Club and checked against John Lewis's Quote and like for like JL were £50 more for the same level of cover. Been with CC for a few years now and they always seem to be the most competitive for us.





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Never had it, put the money in a building society account, it's there when you need it, if you don't so much the better. We've had dogs, cats and ponies over the years and if we'd had insurance, considering the claims we've had it would have cost a fortune in premiums and few claims.

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