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Whale Water Inlet Pump Cover Flap Replacement


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Hi all, first post here, hopefully of many! :)


I've had a Bailey Ranger 460/2 (2004) since April, first 'van & soon looking to upgrade as we have the bug now, but in the meantime I've snapped the above off my water pump socket (it was looking fairly perished TBH).


So, I've bought a new one thinking it'll be fairly easy to replace but having had an initial look at it it seems the whole pump needs to come out & is sealed with mastic of some sort.


Does this sound right? Should I only need to remove the 4 screws to remove it or do I need to do anything else from the inside of the 'van (around the rear of the fridge) to remove it?


Was hoping it'd be a fairly simple replacement but these things can turn out more complicated than first assumed.


Also, what would be the recommended sealant to use on it? I've flicked through the forums & seen mention of Sikaflex, Tradeseal white mastic & Soudal Fix All.


I could also do with re-running a bead of silicone type sealant up one of the corners of the shower cubicle, would whatever I buy for the water pump also suit this application or would I be better of with a typical white bathroom silicone?


Any advice/pointers greatly appreciated!






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Hi you should be able to push the plastic pins out that hold the lid in place. You normaly get the new pins with the flap

The more I learn the more I know,the more I know the more I forget,the more I forget the less I know :blink:

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Hmm, the new one didn't seem to come with any pins & it wasn't obvious to me how to get at the ones left behind on the 'van without removing the front plate/whole thing?

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