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New To Caravaning Just Bought First One

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Hi all im Sean from Bradford. Just bought my first caravan its an older one, an elddis cyclone GTX think its 1990. There is nowt wrong with the caravan now. It did have a problem with the carver water heater.


The burner box had corroded on both sides, so i made new side and welded and sealed it. So now it all works as it should.


Not figured out everything i need, so far i think the only thing i need to get is a waste water container.


Were towing with a citroen picasso 2ltr HDI so should have no problems towing.


Going to take our first trip on the 19th to Skirlington lesure park, got a super pitch so will see how we go.


So my story so far is i bought a caravan for the very cheap amoutn of £350, with only the heater having a problem, and it has an awning too i found out today. And hopefully our first trip will be a good one.

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Welcome. Hope your first trip this weekend went ok :)

Jeep Grand Cherokee S Limited

2014 Crusader Storm :D

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