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Falaise, Normandy

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For those who have never visited this charming town, birthplace of William the Conq, it's worth adding to your itinerary. We stopped at the municipal site,right at the foot of the magnificent castle.


The castle itself has a number of clever features that our own sites might encourage. Dotted around the several acres enclosed by the walls are stereo viewers enabling to you 'see' what the view from that position would have been in the 12th century. Inside the castle, you are given iPads to view 360deg reconstructions of each room as it would have been back then. Very clever and added a different dimension to stone walls.


We even got a visit at the caravan from a representative of the town tourist board, welcoming us and doing some quick research on why we we're visiting.


You have to hand it to the French. ..very civilised. Well perhaps. ...that's after William the Bstard got conquering out of his system, of course.

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