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Kampa Air Awning - Annexe?


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Hi all


Can anybody tell me if the annexe on the 2015 Air Ace range has an air or conventional pole frame?


My dealer thinks I have to order the pole frame as this is the only has a code number for but by his own admission wasn't sure about the 2015 range, in the 2015 Kampa brochure the weight and packaging size is the same suggesting only a pole type is available but the width of the annexe is different.


This could well be a misprint but I want to be sure before i order the pole frame and find out later an air one is available.




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From memory the annex will have the goal post type frame at the back of it and you will have to guy it out to get it tensioned correctly, there will not be a roof bar as such in the annex hence will be same for Air awning as well as framed awning, saw it on display the other day and did not notice any special Air type annex

Hope this helps


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Hi Davros

I should be careful about jumping in and ordering, the ordering matrix I have received quotes bot the Air annex for the ace as well as a standard annex, I will keep you informed when rep comes to see me next week or so

Kind regards

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The Ace AIR annexe is poled. It is also different to the standard poled Ace annexe due to the height.

Can we just stop all this messing about, next year can we have an inflatable full size awning with an inflatable annexe please!

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