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Which Triple Bunk Caravan


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Hi all and thanks in advance for any help.


We are a family of 5 that includes 2 adults and 3 kids aged 1, 3 and 5. we come from a lifetime of caravanning and camping as children and in recent years we have had tents. We now feel its time to get our first caravan, we will be getting plenty of use out of it, using it from approx. feb/march to October ish, staying on both sites with hook up and rally fields with no facilities.


We've had a little look about and really like the idea of the triple bunk models so the kids can have an area and take a bit of the stress out of bed time. We are looking at used caravans and have so far been looking at the bailey ranger 540/6 the bailey pageant Bretagne, the sprite major 6 and a swift charisma.


I would love to hear all your opinions on these types of caravans, the style, the models, the layouts, the build quality and so on, anything we should look out for, anything that would be a bonus or should avoid,


again thanks so much in advance,


ps we are not fixed on a triple bunk if anyone can convince they aren't as good as they seem



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We have a Bailey Orion 550-5 with triple bunks.


Very compact and easy to tow with enough room inside. Washroom a bit cramped but that's the price you pay for it's small size.


Quality has been okay so far with only minor issues. They may still be a bit pricey mind as they are relatively new. We actually only have 2 kids but the bottom bunk used as storage works great for us.

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There are also the '5' berth caravans, the rear has 2 singles and a bunk, The two singles can convert to a double and I think in some of them when the bunk folds away there is a little dinette (although I may have imagined that last bit). Worth thinking about maybe. ....


Caravan Finder 5 berths

2007 Bailey Series 5 Senator Arizona (4 berth, rear bathroom, side dinette) towed by a 57 Kia Sorento XS Auto with Kumho KL17 tyres, Reich Mover, Kampa Rally 390, Caravan Tyres : GT Radial Maxmiler CX 185/80 R14 102R.


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We love our Adria Altea 542DT also has reasonable size washroom which IMO is a must with 3 young ones and rallying!


Great build quality plenty of info on Adria section.

Difficulty may be finding one for sale !

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We have a Pageant Bretagne but not for long as we have ordered a new van. We have had it since new, over five years now.

A Pageant is a great van for young kids. They can go to bed and the solid door can be shut over and they can have the room dark while we are still awake. The washroom is in the middle of the van so the adults going to the toilet doesn't disturb them.

As pointed out above the washroom is the compromise in this van, but with really young kids we used to just stand them in the washroom and shower them off. It was ok for them but we had to use the site facilities.

The kids use the rear dining area for drawing and games etc, there is also a TV point back there if required when the kids get older.

If you go to the Bailey section of the Forum and search for Bretagne, you will find a thread "Living with a Bretagne" which has quite a few owners views on the van.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Kia Sorento KX-2 Auto - Bailey Pegasus GT65 Ancona

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We have a Pegasus 546 which is the same layout as the Bretagne.


It has worked very well for us as we have 3 girls who were 18 months, 4 and 8 when we got it.


The back area is superb as it has a solid door which you can close when the kids go to bed and the bottom bunk was brilliant when the youngest was little as using the seat backrests you could enclose her in. The dinette allows them to do things and also eat their breakfast without putting the main table up.


The only compromise is the bathroom which works fine as a toilet and WHB but if you use the shower it takes ages to mop out and dry before the toilet can be used.


We are now reaching the stage where the bunks are getting a bit small for the eldest who is 12 so are on the lookout for something else. However it has served us well for 5 seasons and we use it all year round.


If you want anymore info or to ask any further questions please shout.



VW Touareg 3. 0L V6 262 R Line with a Unicorn IV Segovia trying to keep up!


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We have a Bailey Pegasus 2 Ancona 6 berth with triple bunks. Good sized bunks, side dinnette that makes into a good sized single and a decent sized bathroom.

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I have a 2012 Lunar Quasar 546, with triple bunks, as well as a table at the back that converts into another single.

I've had it for 2 years and it works well for our 3 boys (now 11/8/5).

We typically leave the rear table up for breakfast etc, and like other vans there is power and a TV point down there.


Wash-room is small but functional, with separate shower tray (no 'wet room' floor to mop). We've just come back from 2 weeks in France on sites with good facilities, but still used the van shower every day as it's more convenient, and works well.


Also look at the triple Bailey Ranger models.

2012 Lunar Quasar 546 towed by a 2008 Volvo XC90 D5.

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Don't worry about a small wet room, I did until I had one.


Yes I miss the proper shower cubicle and large end bathroom, but then when I worked out I spent less than 15 minutes there each day if I was quick, it makes you realise what a waste of space end bathrooms can be. We hardly ever go on sites, even when we do I still use the shower in the van. A quick mop with a cloth and hey presto they are dry enough to use.


I am not saying they are ideal, but don't be out off by one if the layout suits and you can't go bigger.


We have used ours with 2 adults and 4 kids with no problem at all.

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