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Fiamma Turbo Kit Fan

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Fiamma Turbo Kit Fan.



I have just come across this fan on a google search.


It is a stand alone fan that hangs in various sized roof lights.


It draws around 3 watts to 4 watts with a 240mm diam fan blade, and costs around £50.


It can also be used as a table fan, or clipped to the side of an animal cage.



I am thinking I could use it for ventilation in the rear washroom when the shower is in use,

also when clipped to side of dog crate.



Has any body used one of these fans, and how effective were they?

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Fiamma Turbo Kit Fan.


if this is supposed to be a link, it does not work.


just googled it. it seems to do the same job as an omnivent

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Hello SP1


No it's not a link, just a title to my post. I was trying to make it clear that it is not the fixed type roof light fans, it's a portable fan.


If you google the title, you will see the various firms selling the fan.


I believe Omnivent only sell the permanently fixed fans.

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