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Ford Grand Tourneo Connect


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This thread should really be titled 'Non-Towacar Talk'. At first sight both the standard and Grand Tourneo Connect look to be ideal as tow cars, ideal "til you see the abysmal tow weight limits Ford gave given them. 1100kg for vehicles that size!

Added to that is no automatic diesel version, indeed the auto petrol seems notably absent even though it was originally listed.

I've also just witnessed the issues of flattening the battery. A fellow camper here on Old Oaks had inadvertently run his fridge all night and in the morning he had no battery power. He was able to unlock the driver's door with a key and unlatch the rear hatch, however the passenger door was resolutely closed as central locking wouldn" t unlock. Why was this a problem? Well Ford had inexplicably designed the bonnet handle into the doorframe of the front passenger seat. No open door, no access to bonnet handle! I suppose it is a leftover from a LHD original design.

The camper found a solution by plugging his power pack into the boot 12V socket and that worked in reverse providing power to open the central locking. Then his power pack was empty so he had to seek assistance for a jump start.

One other point we noticed, the battery extends way under the interior dashboard and it appears that if you want to remove it you have to start deconstructing the engine bay.

I've got nothing to do on this hot afternoon

but to settle down and write you a line.

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My Passat is the same re the bonnet leaver, but at least it's on the drivers side for a right hand drive car. Presume it's some safety measure to prevent the bonnet being opened while moving? Euro directive may be?

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