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Drying Out

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I recently found two small areas of damp in my van. The areas are quite small and I think I have cured both the sealing issues. The area around the door was 30-40% but now is down around 20-25%, so I'm happy with that area.


However the second issue inside of the rear wardrobe right at the rear corner as the wall meets the floor, has an area of moisture about 60mm long and about 20mm up has readings over 40% then fades into 25% up to about 15cm. Again I'm pretty sure I have cured the ingress. But the the moisture readings do not seem to be reducing. Will this small area dry out by itself with the wall board intact.


Thanks Jamie

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If the van is on your driveway consider renting a commercial dehumidifier for a few days and using it with all of the vents closed up.

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Caravan lives in storage with no power supply.


I have removed all draws and leave doors open in wardrobe to try an keep air circulating around area. But no windows or vents open in van as it's in storage.

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it probably will dry out eventually if there's no longer water getting in but may take longer if the readings were higher here?


Have you tried putting a few of the pound shop dehumidifiers in with the crystals inside the caravan. Some love them (me) and some hate them. Again seal up the vents temporarily and leave a couple near the damp and see if this helps. May not dry it out much quicker but you'll see moisture gathering quickly in them.

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