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What do members think about the Camping & Caravan Club if you don't book a ferry through them they will charge you an extra £75 if you want to book a Rally,if they lost money last year that is down to poor management .

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It doesn't appear to be blackmail. It is simply a condition of booking the rally. If it were blackmail a caravan manufacturer's warranty would also be blackmail due to their T&Cs.


It seems evident that the price fixed for the rally would only be viable for the club if everyone attending books the ferry through the club.


A members' club cannot run at a loss for too long before it has to be wound up or the members have dig deep into their personal reserves to bail it out.

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on the face of it , it does seem like an annoying rip off, but, I have booked my Brittany ferry through them & saved quite a bit doing it.


I calculated my ferry cost Portsmouth - Bilbao next March on the BF website & with a 4 berth inside cabin both ways it came to £880 .

A very kind member on this forum offered to lend me his BF members code & the cost was £827,

The C&CC ( very nice & helpful lady ) did the calculation on the same trip & managed to upgrade me to a 2 berth outside cabin, with their 7% discount the cost came to £798,so really the C&CC came up trumps. I only wanted the 4 berth cabin to get 2 divan beds & save climbing the ladder of hell to the top bunk but apparently the outside cabins on the Cap Finisterre have divans so that has solved that problem & it gives us a window to let a bit of light in & make it feel less like a cell.

It is easy to criticise these organisations but they do help immensely & have loads of knowledge & contacts at Brittany Ferries, for instance, the 7% C&CC discount is on the entire cost including cabins whereas the BF discount code (10%) only covers the trip . cabins are brochure price.


Hope this bit of info helps you feel better about the club.




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Have you factored in what the cost of c&cc membership into the costing

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I assume the £75 is an administration charge for booking the rally which is waived if you book the ferry. I am sure its made perfectly clear as a condition of booking?



David - Milton Keynes

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