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Caravan Salon Dusseldorf


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Just got back from the show, it was as usual fantastic, loads of stuff we don't even get here, great drive too through the tunnel. Met Graham from Caravan Finder TV, he will feature the show in a couple of weeks, keep your eye open.

Land Rover Discovery and Conquerer 630

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Hi, were were there on Friday, it has to be one of the best exhibitions i have ever been to, I have had the pleasure of visiting different exhibitions (mainly in the UK) for work and pleasure and this location/set up and buildings are excellent, The NEC could learn a lot ! We were there nice and early and got parked in the Espirit Arena football ground car park which was 5 mins walk to the entrance, English was spoken excellently everywhere too.


It was specious, not over crowded (due to being over a whole week) well laid out, easy to find exhibitors and amazing to see Dogs ! yes Dogs with people, and such well behaved dogs too ! having the area in the middle outside where you could pick up Beer and Bratwurst in the Sun and at reasonable prices was a gem too !


We go so carried away we even when and bought a new caravan ! opps !

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