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2008 Mondeo Hatchback Roof Bars

Happy feet

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Hi, looking to purchase the above,don't want to spend to much as will only be used a couple of times per year,anyone got any tucked away,mine is the model without the rails thanks

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I would just bite the bullet and buy a set of thule ones.


Got a set for Mrs G's Clio back in 96 to fit a roof box to it.


I got a 3 series bm so to fit them to that all I had to do was but different mounting feet.


Then wanted to put them in her RAV 4 so same bars but buy roof bar clamps. Wanted to fit them to the jeep so bars to short but roof bar clams could still be used.


Now on the Smax, same bars but new feet to fix in the channels.


Whilst it seems expensive at the time it is not that expensive to adapt them to a new car and I have a garage full of bits should we ever have a car again with roof rails or a narrower car etc.



VW Touareg 3. 0L V6 262 R Line with a Unicorn IV Segovia trying to keep up!


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