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The Reich Caravan Weight Checker


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Anyone got one of those yellow Reich CWC portable weighing machines? Not cheap!


I bought one a few years ago and was well impressed with how easy it was to use - single axle caravans/trailers, or twin axle units, motorhomes and cars etc - all vehicles can be weighed one wheel at a time. There are different 'programs' for different layouts.


However, when taking out my CWC again this month to check my 'new to me' bigger caravan, the device has developed an apparent fault. It will not register any reading for the jockeywheel. Nothing, zilch zero, niente. ... even if I stand on it myself - nothing.

BUT, if I progress the program to weigh a single wheel (n/s or o/s) I get an accurate reading whether I am actually weighing the caravan wheel or just putting it under the jockeywheel (cheating).


Anyone any idea why it should decide to read in some program modes but not in the one relating specifically to the jockey wheel? (It happens just the same when in Twin-axle mode too - no reading under "Jockeywheel", but accurate for N/s and o/s).


It's not the batteries - I changed them for fresh ones and checked!


I am just bamboozled.

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I would give Reich a ring, that sees to the only and obvious course of action.


Reich UK


Unit 7, Lower Keys Business Park, Keys Park Rd, Hednesford, Cannock, Staffordshire, WS12 2FS. 01543 459243

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Land Rover Discovery and Conquerer 630

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