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Heki Automatic Rooflght Problem

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I have the electric rooflght in my 2011 van which has this morning decided not to work. The red led light is not lit and the remote is not doing anything.


I checked all fuses and discovered that if I turn the 12v off and back on again the red led starts flashing but then goes out so I guess there is a fault somewhere. The caravan batteries are fully charged and the remote has new batteries - anyone got any ideas?

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Try re-syncing the remote control


From the manual:-


The remote control coding is faulty
Teaching the remote control: ➤Interrupt the voltage supply of the roof light. ➤Switch on the voltage again. The lamp flashes for approx. 30 seconds. ➤During this time, point the remote control at the red control lamp of the roof light and press “ ” and “ ” at the same time. The control lamp goes out. The remote control is coded properly.

Sorry that didn't paste properly.


Press the open and close buttons at the same time.

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Thanks, tried this but I don't think it is the remote unit at fault. While the red led is flashing I can hear a click or two from the rooflight, then the red led goes out altogether like it has shut down completely.

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Most odd - after taking the grills off with a view to getting at the motor I found a fuse so pulled it out and it was fine. Put it back in and the roof opened and also closed again a few hours later.


2 days later and it doesn't want to open again - the red led having gone out.


I take it no one has experienced anything similar with this roof light?

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