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How To Measure Caravan For Eurotrail Sunroof 240


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How to measure caravan for Eurotrail sunroof 240, do you go by the number in brackets or by how much straight awning rail on the caravan? We have a Eccles Sport 442 total awning rail measurement is 879cm but the straight awning rail is at most 320 cm according to the obelink website we should get 500cm canopy?


This just doesn't seem to correct it sounds like it will be way to long? Has anyone got one or can anyone help?


Thanks in advance.



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Looking at there website it looks correct, if you look at the picture shown it goes around the corners of your caravan so does not need just the straight piece of track to function, have a look at the picture and you will see if you bought a small one ie 3. 4 metres it would be an odd fit on the van as it needs to lip round at each end to fit correctly

Hope this helps, it looks as though they are correct measurements, maybe have a look at Dorema sun canopies as there are dealers in this country, they seem to use same measurements

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