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Brand New Elddis Front Panel Cracks


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Hello everyone,


Great to have found you.


We are not new to caravanning, but nevertheless were really excited to pick up our brand new Elddis Shamal a few weeks ago. ( Farewell bank balance !) Just as we were about to embark on it's maiden voyage we noticed cracking to the front left side panel (as you are looking at it) by the handle.


We have also found other faults with the van, including a suspicious looking patch on the ceiling near the extractor fan.


I discovered this site a few days ago and wish to ******!! I had found it before purchasing.


Has anyone else had problems with the new, solid built Elddis 2014 models?



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Sorry to hear that.


Take plenty of photos, talk (or email as you will have a record of what you've reported) to your dealer and to Elddis Customer Services.


We had some damage (not cracks) to the front panel on delivery and the panel was repaired at our home by a technician from Lamplas, the company who made the panel.


We, and others on this forum, had problems with cracked rear panels on 2013 models, and the panel was replaced. Importantly Elddis had identified the cause of the cracking and remedial work was done on the caravan structure beneath the panel to prevent reoccurrance.

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Although it sounds quite serious and not something which you should have to accept on a new van it is usually a relatively minor issue. It is most likely the outer gel coat that is cracked and therefore it would not cause any water ingress.


As MillieDog said take some photos and contact your dealer. Lamplas did the same repair on mine as well. You may have to wait a little while for them to come and fix it but they do a good job.


The rear panel issue (being ABS not GRP) was far more serious :).



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