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Narrowest Modern 6 Berth


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Hi all.

I have been trawling the specs for most manufacturers, but was wondering if anyone knows of a narrower 6 berth (around 2010) than a Bailey Olympus 546 or a Lunar Quasar 546. They both come in at 2. 16m.

I'm restricted on space for storage. The opening between house and next door is 2. 3m. Seems tight even with a mover.

Thanks for any help


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Unlikely to get anything narrower with 6 berths - the Lunar Ariva is marginally narrower at 2. 050m but that's a 2 berth - you could use inner tents in the awning though!

2015 VW Touareg 3. 0 V6 TDI + 2013 Lunar Clubman ES

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Cheers for the idea, but not really an option with 4 little ones 5 & under.


People I have talked to with movers seem to think 3" either side on a straight through gap would be tight but do-able.

Anybody out there have a similar situation??

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I have a 2012 Lunar Quasar 546, fitted with an Al-Ko Mammut motor mover.

You really don't want a van any narrower than this, unless you're short. I'm 6', and the front bed (made as a double) is just long enough. As 2x singles it's a bit too short. The rear beds are (a little) shorter still.


3" either side is easy with a decent, proportional mover, as long as the ground is pretty flat underneath so the van tracks straight. I bring my van in about 2" away from a gate post, to then park about 1-2" from a fence. I have a little more clearance than you on the other side, but I stand on the gate post side and 'drive' it in parallel with the post, so it's irrelevant.


You will need a mover that does *not* need to be manually engaged, or need a power isolator switch turned near the battery after use, as you won't be able to get to it in your storage location.

The Mammut mover is fine in both of these respects.


You're in Southampton, if it's any help and you don't mind the 100 mile journey to sunny Luton, you're welcome to see mine and play with the mover!

Edited by Alan_D

2012 Lunar Quasar 546 towed by a 2008 Volvo XC90 D5.

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Check out the "Avondales" Avondale Dart 556 2008 Dimensions

  • The internal length of the caravan is 5. 55 metres or 18. 204 feet
  • The external shipping length is 7. 01 meters or 22. 9928 feet
  • The width is 2. 085 meters or 6. 8388 feet

http://www. gumtree. com/caravans/uk/avondale+dart+556+6

Just a thought If you do put a Caravan Between the houses Will you be blocking off access to the rear of your property

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Thank you for the information Rita. I will have a look at those.

Also, we are on a funny corner plot, so there would be plenty of space after the tightest spot. Good thinking though!


and Alan_D, cheers for the offer.

You are backing up the thoughts of others, and I am sure I can get one down the side.

This does allow options on vans and ages etc. ..


Let the caravan hunt begin.

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