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Kampa / Vanguard Air Awnings


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Have only just discovered air awnings whilst away during the summer holidays and have been doing some digging around to see what i can find out.


We have a Bailey Pegasus 646 with a Ventura Pacific 300 - it is HUGE! For me, wife and 2 kids, we don't really need all the space to be honest but its very sturdy when its put up properly and we virtually live in the awning when away. We only have this awning as when we bought the van last year, guy selling gave us it - and a smaller Ventura porch awning which takes just as long to put up.


Have been reading some threads on here about air awnings - most seems to rave about how great they are, others have had poor experiences and deflations etc.


We would get rid of Ventura porch awning - we've only used it once and was a pain to put up honestly. Now thinking would replace it with a Kampa Rally Air Pro 330. If we really liked it, might get the bigger one next summer. However, I've looked on Youtube and the Vanguard videos are very convincing too! There is little mention of Vanguard on this forum - did anyone choose one over a Kampa pro - and if so, why?


Anyone swapped a large traditional awning such as our Ventura 300 for a Kampa 390? I'm inclined to keep the Ventura for now simply because it is very sturdy when its up properly (although we had a pole snap overnight due to heavy downpour as we rushed putting the awning up - but thats another story).



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Can't comment in the vanguard but we have the Kampa 390 Air Pro which is a very good awning. Some observations. ..

1. It's heavy but we threaded it onto our Valencia no problem

2. It only has one inflation point, others have more and I think the Vango has sections which you need to attach with Velcro

3. It takes a few more pumps than stated to inflate but still very easy to erect, although you still have to peg it out which takes most of the time

4. Very easy to deflate and pack away

5. Looks great



All in all an excellent awning

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